Monday, January 13, 2014

What my kids are into these days...

Jake and the Neverland Pirates
Xander asked for Jake's tiki hut for Christmas. He got some other toys, too - Bucky the ship, the Jolly Roger, and Jake's sail wagon. Both of my kids can sing every word of the theme song. They have toys, figurines, bath toys, coloring books, books, and stickers. Amelia Jayne wakes up in the morning asking for Jake. She's a tad bit addicted (I think she has a crush), but then she's somewhat addicted to TV in general. They're both thrilled that season 2 is now on Netflix. And honestly, I am too. We all needed some new material!!

My kids LOVE Frozen! Xander and David went to the theater over the holiday break for some special father/son time and they both loved it. David told me he thought AJ would do fine (we had some fairly unsuccessful experiences in the past taking her to Monsters University and Planes), so we all went a few days later. AJ sat through the whole thing! She didn't get out of our laps one time - amazing! She was captivated. We all loved it and now the kids can't stop asking for the soundtrack or video clips ("bideos" as Amelia Jayne calls them). These are some of our favorites, though we've seen them all many times. Enjoy! And if you haven't seen the movie - GO!

Angry Birds Go!
Really this is just something Xander is into. Amelia Jayne has no interest. Xander has loved Angry Birds for awhile - the app, the board game. He even got some plush flingers for Christmas. But man, combine cars with just about anything and Xander will love it, but something he already loves? It was bound to be a hit.

Speaking of Cars...
That boy is still into cars! He got a Hot Wheels car maker for Christmas and a race track. He loves it! He also got some legos that he much prefers building cars and planes out of than buildings.
My cousin and her boyfriend stopped in Charlotte on their way to Maryland over the holidays. Meagan's boyfriend, Kelly, has a mustang (which Xander loves). He offered to show Xander, who immediately adopted him as his best friend. Kelly even let Xander sit in the driver seat and look under the hood! He was in heaven!
He has a free app called sports car challenge. It's a racing game, but the part that he loves even more than racing is picking his car, the color, etc. You can read up on the cars, look inside, spin it around to look at the whole outside, etc. That particular game only races high-end cars, so he now knows all about bugattis, lamborghinis, audis, volkswagens, bentleys, and porsches. Each car comes with its own stats and details. It cracks me up when Xander tells me how much horsepower each car has. He was very impressed recently when he found out one of the lamborghinis (his favorite) has 700 horsepower. If you're at all interested in cars, just get into a conversation with Xander. He's a pro. :)
We've almost talked him into being a nascar engineer. If he's gonna have a career in cars, why not? Plus, we live in the right place, man.

Amelia Jayne is getting more and more into dolls. She got a new doll for Christmas with some accessories - a high chair, crib, stroller, etc. We went to visit a friend of mine last Friday who has a three-week-old baby. Amelia Jayne was in awe. I was afraid at first that she would be jealous that I was holding her, but all she could do was stare at her and keep talking about "how wittle tiny she is" and "wook at her teeny toes." My friend was kind enough to let my kids "hold" the baby, touch her toes, and stare at her little face. Amelia Jayne must have said the "this little piggy" rhyme 6 or 7 times. She exclaimed over the birds on her outfit, the cap on her head, her teeny socks, when she opened her eyes, yawned. Everything was fascinating to her. Xander held her for about 2 seconds and had had enough. :) The difference in boys and girls, I guess.
I recently learned that we're getting an American Doll store at Southpark Mall in Charlotte this fall. I can't wait to take her!!

What are your kids into??

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