Thursday, September 22, 2011


These are newborn pics of Xander - he was only hours old. I can't believe in one month I'll have another one! I just love how sweet, little and snuggly newborn babies are.

Remember this post from a few months ago? Well, most of my friends have had their babies now, so I've gotten to enjoy them before I have another one :)

Julie had Elijah Brennan on June 10.

Angela had Claire Emma on June 29.

Lulu had Winston Gilley on July 8.

Veronica had Caleb Alexander on July 18.

Amanda had Isaiah James on August 13.

Kristen had Emily Grace on August 26.

Lisa had Anya Grace on September 12.

Naphtalie had Landon today, September 22!! (No photo of Landon yet)

I'll be next - scheduled c-section on October 24, Crystal will have hers soon after me (real soon after me if she gets her way :)) and I found out a couple of months ago that my friend Mindie is due to have her second child in January! Woo hoo!



That's a lot of babies! lol

Lourdes Rodriguez said...

I did not even know I was on this website but I am so happy to be. I love my son and hubby the Winston's. Love is grand.