Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Story times

I realized I haven't blogged about work in a long time! It's going well, despite the loss of two of our staff members for a period of time. Amy will hopefully be back in a couple of weeks after a bicycle accident and Veronica will come back from maternity leave the week before I go out on maternity leave. I've been focusing on my regular story times with daycares and centers around the community, as well as my Jumpstart programs and story times for children with special needs. I've been filling in a tad bit for Amy while she's out, but overall things have been going well. Here are some pics one of the teachers took at the ABC Language Stimulation School - a site I visit monthly and do story times for children with special needs.

Don't laugh at my expressions. Okay, go ahead. I laughed when I saw them, too...after I cringed a bit inside. And my big ol' pregnant self...all I can do is laugh or I'll cry, right?!

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You are so perfect for your job!