Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful - Days 1 & 2

Most of you have probably seen some friends on facebook or other social medias updating their status daily in the month of November for things they're thankful for. I love that idea. I always want to be thankful and find something to be thankful for, so this is a great opportunity to do that. I'm going to attempt to say something I'm thankful for each day.

November 1
I'm thankful for nights out with my husband, childless. I love my children, but times spent alone with my husband are invaluable. I thoroughly enjoy having one-on-one time with him where we can reconnect and simply focus on each other - not being bogged down by responsibilities and everyday life things, but basking in each other's presence.

November 2
I'm thankful for days all by myself where I don't have children at home, a husband at home, and I'm not working. This so rarely happens that I felt it should be mentioned. In fact, this is the first full day I've had by myself since Amelia Jayne was born (one year and 9 days ago!). Believe me, I'm thankful for this :). Sometimes I need time to reconnect with myself and my God. So, today I'm alone. David's at work and my kids are in Johnson City visiting David's grandmother, their great-grandmother, GG. I'm incredibly thankful for these very important days.

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