Thursday, November 8, 2012

This week

I'm enjoying doing my thankful days, but I have to admit that it's been a little more difficult than I thought it would be to find things to be thankful for this month. I have so many things to be thankful for, but during the midst of my illness, I'm having a harder time staying positive. Now that I'm somewhat on the mend, I'm having an easier time looking back and seeing all the things that I really can be thankful for.

Just to catch you up on my situation - 
I started getting a headache Sunday afternoon, but just thought it might be a regular old sinus headache (or that it might have something to do with my period - sorry if that's TMI, but that's also going on this week.  Oh, joy.).
I woke up Monday morning with lots of pain in my breast and got the sinking suspicion that I might have mastitis. I've had a clogged milk duct before, but this felt more painful. David went on to work, and I got in the shower thinking heat and massage might help my situation. I got out of the shower and started having uncontrollable chills. I thought I was just cold, so I got back in bed with my big, warm, fleece robe on thinking I would warm up under the covers. I laid there for 15 minutes and couldn't get warm. That's when I heard Xander, so I got up to go get him. I was so dizzy and couldn't control the chills. I went downstairs to take my temperature which ended up being 103. I called David and told him, then called my mom to tell her. David said he would come home for the morning until my mom could get there. Luckily Amelia Jayne was sleeping during all this, so I had some reprieve there.

I called my doctor, but it took them awhile (read: 3 hours) to get back to me. Once they did get back to me they told me it certainly sounded like mastitis and they would call in an antibiotic for me. I started feeling a little bit better after taking some ibuprofen, but I was still very sore and tired. After a mix-up with the pharmacy I ended up not getting the antibiotic until David got home that night around 7pm. I was feeling pretty rotten.

The next morning I woke up in even more pain, minus the chills, but still with the fever. My breast had started turning red and had a large lump in it. I was concerned so I called the doctor. They said it would take 24-48 hours to see improvement. David took the kids on to school and his mom picked them up after school, like normal. I called in sick to work.

I started having some improvement by the end of the day, which was good considering David had to work late and I was home with the kids by myself. I went to bed that night and was woken at 4am by Xander. He was crying for me, so I went to his room and laid with him until he went back to sleep, about an hour. I realized then that I had a fever blister and thought to myself, "Bummer, I'm going to have a fever blister." Little did I know that by the morning I would have 3, by late morning I had them all over my mouth and by noon I had them in my mouth and down my throat. As David told me, "This is just not your week." Understatement, for sure, but the truth nonetheless.

I called my doctor that morning and they got back to me by the time I went to pick up Xander from school at 1pm. They had called in a prescription to help with the fever blisters. After I picked up Xander, we went by to get that medication. Of course the pharmacist was at lunch and wouldn't be back til 2pm, so we had to wait.
(Side note: During the wait time, I had my first experience of being glad that stores start selling Christmas decorations at Halloween. I spent at least 20 minutes with my kids in the Christmas section of Target and they were fascinated by the lights and trees and ornaments. That worked out very well, as I was feeling worse by the minute.)
By that evening I was feeling pretty bad again, but luckily the redness, lump and swelling in my breast was improving. I was mainly dealing with the pain of the fever blisters at this point.

As anyone who gets fever blisters knows, the first day isn't the worst. It's usually the second or third day that's the worst. The sores have had time by then to really blister up and grow. It's disgusting. I took a picture of my mouth and then decided I would spare my readers from seeing such a gross sight. Anyway, I woke up this morning and could barely open my mouth. My lips are swollen and the sores have grown. My throat was hurting really badly and the sores on the outside were very painful. Luckily, as the day goes on, the sores in my mouth and throat are improving. The ones on the outside of my mouth, however, still feel and look awful. I called in sick to work again. I can't believe I've missed a whole week of work due to all of this. My kids are at school this morning (it's Picture Day!) and my mom will be picking them up from school, as usual. I'm thankful that I get the morning, and basically the day, to rest. Oh, and the redness and swelling in my breast are almost completely gone, as well as the lump. Praise the Lord! Now to get rid of these nasty fever blisters...

Hopefully things will be much-improved by tomorrow.

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