Sunday, November 18, 2012

Thankful - Days 17 & 18

November 17
Today I'm thankful for two of my favorite people - my Aunt Karen and Aunt Cheryl. I'm so thankful they're a part of my life! I absolutely love seeing them and enjoy their company immensely. I got to hang with them today and I get to spend time with them tomorrow, too. :) Every time we're together I feel refreshed and renewed, just being in their presence. Love you, monsters!
aka miagas
aka KTG
aka Shelly Shekyl
"I can't see!"
Oh, sorry. I confused myself.
Crunchy little cornballs
If she bent over just a little further, you could see her hotel. :)
KTG, be sure to share that with Keith.

November 18
Today I'm thankful that our church will soon be moving into a new building! We've been raising money and renovating a building for awhile now, but I'm happy to say that the next service we have will be in the new building! Praise God!

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