Monday, January 17, 2011

Amy's Birthday

Yesterday was my friend Amy's birthday. She and some other friends came over to celebrate.  We had dinner together, visited and laughed at Xander's silly, sleepy antics!  I made Amy's birthday cake earlier in the day and Xander was highly upset that I wouldn't let him have any.  He learned how to say "birthday," "cake," and "Amy" very quickly!  He told her over and over "Amy - birthday."  It was too cute!  He also loved when we sang to Amy, so he asked us to sing to her over and over.  She loved it!  He also wants people to do solos, so be aware that if you come over to the Little household you may have to put on a show! Some of his requests are - "Bus" (aka The Wheels on the Bus), "Letters" (aka The ABC song), "Birthday" (aka The Birthday Song), and "Bells" (aka Jingle Bells).

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