Friday, January 7, 2011

Prayers & Shout-outs

Xander and I pray pretty often.  We always pray before mealtimes, with Daddy if he's home, and we always pray before bed. Sometimes we'll even stop what we're doing and just pray in the middle of the day!  For the past few months, ever since Xander learned people's names, he's given what we call shout-outs.  In the middle of a prayer that David or I are saying he may say someone's name and will continue to say that name until we mention them in prayer.  He usually comes up with another name until we say "Amen."  Now we have to keep our prayers fairly short or we'll never end!

Earlier this week I was putting Xander to bed.  We had prayed and I said, "Amen," waiting for his little echo, like he always does.  Instead, he said, "Toys?" Not even thinking that he wanted to play (he was exhausted afterall), I said, "Oh! You want me to pray for your toys? Dear God, thank you for Xander's toys. Amen." And he echoed his little "Amen," completely satisfied.  It makes my heart smile knowing that he wants to pray, too!

Another night this week after bedtime prayers, I said "Amen" and Xander echoed his little, "Amen," but then started jabbering away in his Xander-language.  After a little bit (and it was really time for bed) I took his little hands in mine and said, "Amen." He immediately said, "Amen," rolled over and laid his little head on my chest.  I had recognized words in his jabbering like Mommy, ball, Daddy, tractor, and Mimi.  I really think he was praying!  How sweet! 

I've claimed 1 Thessalonians 1:2 as Xander's verse -
We always thank God for all of you and continually mention you in our prayers.



Oh so precious! I pray that boy has a heart for Jesus like his mommy and daddy! :)

Emily Grace Little said...

Oh, thanks, Kris! We pray that, too!