Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Finally - the library!

I haven't taken Xander to the library regularly for many reasons.  1) Xander has never been one for crowds or strangers and the few times I took him to story time, he wasn't very happy about it. 2) He's been so young up to this point that he doesn't care anything about the books or even the cool baby/toddler space at ImaginOn.  He's always just run up and down the stacks - being more physical than anything else!  3) I work there, so often the last thing I want to do on my day off is take him to the library!!

Last Saturday I was working, so David and Xander came by and hung out with me for a few minutes.  Xander loved it!  He played with the trains, the turtle-shaped "reading pool" and the furniture specifically for kids to crawl in and through.  He had such a good time that I'm definitely going to take him back more regularly.  It's been 4 days since we went to ImaginOn, but every single day since then he's talked about the library and Jason (one of my co-workers who happened to be working that day).  At first I wasn't sure what Xander was talking about - when he says "library" it sounds more like "yabbity" - makes me laugh every time I hear him say it!  So glad my little man is finally enjoying the library!

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Oh yay! How fun for you since it's such a special place you love! I bet he can't get enough of the library and books pretty soon!