Tuesday, January 4, 2011

My Little Count

Xander started counting to 10 last week.  He loves numbers and letters, but I had no idea he could count to 10 by himself until last week on New Year's Eve.  We had finished breakfast and David was helping Xander "jump". After about 5 "jumps" David's arms were tired, so he told Xander that we would count to 5 and then he would need a break.  We started counting to 5 with Xander and he would finish, "...6, 7, 8, 9, 10." We were astounded!  And of course we praised him like crazy - "Good job! Good boy!" And now he counts from one to ten...but of course he also praises himself for it.  Love it!

It's a little bit amazing that he calmed down for this.  He counted to 10 for me perfectly and when I pulled out the phone to record him, all he wanted was the phone. It took a second, but I got a fairly good recording of him counting to 10, even if he is wiggly. :) This is truly a proud moment for me as a parent!

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