Monday, January 17, 2011

Xander's favorite

If you've read many of my posts then you must know that Xander absolutely LOVES Elmo!  My good friend, Isabel, recently told us about this video by - Xander loves it!  We watch it repeatedly some days.

He has other favorites, but this is definitely one of them!  I thought it too cute not to share with you! I just love the message in this song.  Xander is special!  And so are you. :)

Here's the most recent one that we accidentally found - we watched it about 5 times this morning! Of course he would love it - it's the ABCs!  He's really stuck on anything letter-related these days.

Xander gets frustrated if I'm not fast enough or if I'm doing something else, so he has learned how to press play for these videos on the Apple TV - all by himself!

He also asks for "Sandler" now (sounds an awful lot like Xander, but I know what he's talking about!)
Here's Sandler:

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