Sunday, January 30, 2011

Poopy Picasso?

David and I had an interesting experience this afternoon.  Xander had gone down for his nap - we knew he probably wouldn't sleep because it was later than normal, but we thought we'd let him have some time to rest in bed this afternoon anyway.  After laying in bed for about an hour we heard him start to fuss a little.  David went upstairs to check on him and called down, "Did you put Xander down for nap without a diaper?"  Of course I hadn't, but from that question I got a pretty good idea of the scene I would find when I went upstairs.  But I really wasn't quite prepared for what I saw!  David was holding Xander straight out, tummy-side-down.  Xander was naked from the waist down, all of which was covered in poop!  I wiped him up as best I could, while David stripped the bed and dropped the solids in the toilet.  He apparently had peed all over his bed, also.

I had a friend who called her baby "Poopy Picasso" because he had a tendency to pull his diaper off, and well, create art?  Thank goodness Xander wasn't interested in playing in it!  I don't know if I could have handled that.  As it was, he only really pooped on one blanket.  Of course he peed all over everything else in his bed, but that I could manage.  What an interesting Sunday afternoon!

It does kind of remind me of when Xander first started eating baby food.  We gave him prunes because he was a little backed up.  We didn't give him a little bit of prunes (if you're a new parent or are planning on having kids, remember this: if your kid is backed up, only give him a couple spoonfuls of prunes!), we gave him half of the container.  Anyway, he was sitting in the middle of our bed.  I had walked into the bathroom for something and David was in the shower. I came back into the bedroom and saw something brown on Xander's face.  Yup, I probably don't have to go into much more detail.  It was everywhere!!!  He ended up with David in the shower that time.  That was an interesting afternoon, too. :)

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