Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Week 100

I get weekly emails about my growing baby toddler - what things he might be able to do now, what he should be doing, and different things to look forward to him doing soon.  Today I opened up my email and it said - Week 100!  Wow!  My child has hit 3 digits :)

This info is from Baby Center -  

Language learning
Your child may be learning as many as ten new words a day now. Here are some of the language skills you can expect from your child by around age 2:
  • Forms two- to four-word sentences ("Bird fly high.")
  • Sings simple songs
  • Follows simple instructions
  • Uses pronouns, though not always correctly ("Me do it" instead of "Jake do it," but probably not "I do it")
  • Repeats words heard in conversations
  • Recognizes names of people, things, and parts of the body

Encourage budding verbal skills by continuing to read often with your toddler. Reading introduces new nouns, verbs, and ideas your child might not encounter in everyday life (such as a tiger in the jungle). Books with wordplay such as rhymes help kids make associations between like words.

These are all pretty spot-on!   Last night David and I were having a conversation and I said something about the library.  Next thing I know Xander's talking about Jason and the library!  I was so impressed!  He's also making lots of sentences, oftentimes supplemented with gibberish :).  So exciting! 

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