Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Billy Elliot and the birthday party

Saturday was a fun day for the Littles.  David, Becky and I went to see the musical "Billy Elliot."  Fantastic!  The dancing was fabulous and the storyline was great.  I hadn't seen the movie or the musical before, so the whole storyline was new to me. I really enjoyed it.  Of all the musicals we've been to this season including "9-5," "Dreamgirls," "White Christmas" and "Billy Elliot," this was the best so far.  We still have "Young Frankenstein," "Shrek the Musical" and "In the Heights" left, so I'll let you know which is my favorite.

Today is JD's birthday, so last Saturday evening we all got together to celebrate.  It was great!  Everyone was able to make it - Mom, JD, Ame, Harry, Erin, Nathan, Kaitlyn, Patrick, Becky, David, Xander and me - so we had a really good time!  Mom made a delicious dinner, Xander helped us sing "Happy Birthday to You," Patrick helped Papa open his presents and the chocolate cake was super-yummy!  We had a lively game of Farkle in which David won by a hair, followed closely by Becky.  Very fun!

So, happy birthday, Papa!  We love you!

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