Saturday, January 15, 2011


Cancun was fabulous!  David and I had such a nice, relaxing time together.  We enjoyed swimming, laying  by the pool, lots of reading (I finished 2 books!), sleeping, eating, and walking on the beach.  We really didn't do much of anything else!  We exercised every day while we were there - I was so proud of us for going to the gym!  It made me feel somewhat less guilty for eating everything that I did!  I don't have too many pics simply because we'd been there before, so we didn't take many of the facility itself.  We meant to take our camera out on the beach, but it was so nice just to walk and talk and not worry one bit about anything else.  I certainly came home rested and relaxed, although I wasn't at all ready for the weather - 28F with snow and ice on the ground!  Cancun was nice this time of year!
Not the greatest pic - taken with our phone.  However, you can see our faces got a little sun-kissed! This was our favorite restaurant at the resort, an Asian place called Wok.  The Tempura fried ice cream was the best!

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I'm so glad you guys had a wonderful time!