Tuesday, January 4, 2011


2010. An amazing year.
Xander turned 1.
David and I both turned 30.
We both served at church – me in Waumba with the 2 and 3 year olds, and David doing the lighting during service.
We enjoyed time with our small group at church.
We spent time with friends and family in many different capacities.
David, Xander and I ran a 5K together – our first and last until Xander can handle it on his own, considering I spent the last quarter mile running with him in my arms!
David and I ran another 5K together.
David and I (with my friend, Geri) completed a 10K within our goal time!
David passed all his exams and became a registered architect.
David and I went to NYC, just the two of us.
David got a job at Lambert in Winston-Salem after being out of work for 15 months.
Xander was introduced to Elmo – and he LOVES him!
We lived with Mimi and Papa for a few weeks, going back and forth from Mocksville to Charlotte.
I kept my job at the library despite all the lay-offs that happened.
I lost some great friends from the library’s lay-offs, but kept some great ones and even added a few new ones!
We had many weekends at the lake house with friends and family.
We had two trips to Myrtle Beach with both sets of families.
David got a job at Neighboring Concepts in Charlotte which meant we got to move back home.
Xander had many milestones including learning to walk, run, attempting to jump, talking a lot more, saying everyone’s names, learning his ABCs, learning how to count to ten, having his first sickness (hand/foot/mouth disease - twice), throwing a ball, “driving” a car and anything else he can pretend is a steering wheel, and so many more things I can’t think of right now!
My best friend, Isabel, and her son, Quique visited from Texas – thanks to my mom for an awesome birthday present.
I had an appendicitis, which required surgery to have my appendix removed.
My Papa died.
We went to Nashville for Thanksgiving – a typically 7-hour drive that took 9 and a half hours. But it was worth it.
And we had an exciting Christmas with family where Xander really enjoyed opening gifts and getting into the festivities.

I look forward to what 2011 has for us!

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Tasha Via said...

That's awesome that ya'll ran a 5K together! How fun:)

Here's to another great year!